A non-political, non-profit organization.                         Headquartered in the Silicon Valley.                               All activities of SVSTA abide by the laws of 

         the United States of America.

         Mission statement

  1. ​To provide a platform for high technology enterprises, scientists, engineers, and other professionals to exchange  information and knowledge.

  2. To promote China's economic reformand to help create prosperity for both China and the US by building channels for technological, commercial, and cultural exchange between
    the two countries.

  3. To provide the opportunities and the environment for members in career development, on expanding personal network, and on the improvement of various skills.​

SVSTA organizes, hosts, and attends various kinds of events each year. These events offer great networking opportunities for building relationships with influential leaders in various fields of technology. 


      S i l i c o n

     V a l l e y

     S c i e n c e  & 

     T e c h n o l o g y 

     A s s o c i a t i o n​

We are partners with various associations, corporations, and institutions that support our organization through the form of products and services.

meet our team

With years of experience in high-tech industries, our members specialize in software engineering, integrated circuit design, network communication, material science, fiber optics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and Biotechnology.

                                   硅 谷 科 技 协 会

                                                   Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association​​