Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association (SVSTA) is a non-political, non-profit organization headquartered in Silicon Valley. All activities of SVSTA abide by the laws of the United States of America.

Our Mission:
~To provide a platform for high technology enterprises, scientists, engineers, and other professionals to exchange information and knowledge.
~To promote China's economic reformand to help create prosperity for both China and the US by building channels for technological, commercial, and cultural exchange between the two countries.
~To provide the opportunities and the environment for members in career development, on expanding personal network, and on improvement of various skills.

The Organization consists of the Members, the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board, and the Management Team. Most of our members are in high-tech industries, specializing in software engineering, IC design, fiber optics, network communication, material science, medical de-vices, pharmaceutical research and biotechn-ology. Roughly fifty percent of members hold a Ph.D degree.

Welcome to SVSTA. Together, we can build a better future!

Board of Directors


President: Yannie Zhao

Vice-President:Steve Lin,

Anmin Zheng, Edward Liu, Wenbao Li

Secretary-General: Amy Yang

Chairman:Dr. Qun Fan

Board Members: Wei ChenQun Fan, Mouqun Dong,Chris Gu,

Jonathan HuangHongyu Li

Wenbao Li, Steve LinEdward LiuGan LuFeiyan RenBing Song,

Simon WangAmy Yang,

Yannie ZhaoAnmin Zheng 

Advisory Board: Qun Fan,

Xianneng Shen, Jason Wang